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Education should be the greatest and best adventure that a student undertakes in life. Besides providing for the intellectual growth of a student education makes a man out of a child...
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It's indeed my proud privilege to be at the helm of affairs of South Point School, Omkar Nagar, Nagpur (SPS, ONB) , a premier educational institute in Nagpur.
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Principal's Message :
   Education should be the greatest and best adventure, that a student undertakes in life.Besides providing for the intellectual growth of a student education makes a man out of a child. It is education that propels our students towards achieving greater heights in terms of success, knowledge and prosperity. Hence, a school where education is imparted should be a place where a student feels safe, secure and confident of himself.
   South Point School, offers just the right atmosphere where our students enjoy learning in a multicultural environment that adds to its unique make-up. And it is a great honor and privilege to lead such an exceptional institution towards success
   Any person holding a position in any field of life must remember that "With great power, comes great responsibility." Hence, it becomes absolutely essential to be able to put that power and freedom to good and profitable use. This holds true for our students as well. This is one of our aims of schooling at South Point School OMKAR NAGAR where we teach our children to exercise power and freedom for the good of others.
   With this objective in mind, I invite you to explore the school website further and visit us to get to know us better. I would be pleased to respond to any queries or doubts that you may have. As you and me can teach a student/child lesson for a day, but, if we can teach him to learn by creating curiosity in reading and value based educational books, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives. Hence, you would be able to benefit from our "Open Door" policy and get to be a part of our learning community. I hope for a long-term association with you.
Dr.(Mrs.) Mrunalini D. Dasture
M.Sc, B.Ed, Ph.D (Physics)
South Point School
Omkar Nagar, Nagpur

Dr.(Mrs.) Mrunalini D. Dasture

1. 98% RTE seats vacant
2. City girl became first bebeficiary of RTE
3. Fulfill dreams of daughter
5. Achievement of Adhhira Gurpude
6. Toppers of South Point School
7. Annual Event of South point School
8. RSP Celebrates Annual day with gusto
9. Opening ceremony of parents day at South point School
10. South Point school win title
11. Vedant And Aadarsh has ranked 5th in state level Comptition "Full to dhamal"
12. RSP day celebration
13. Openeing ceremony of principal Education Conference.
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